Chemical processing equipment

Chemical processing equipment - Used glass lined, Hastelloy and stainless steel reactors for sale. Used lab equipment such as marumerizers, spheronizers, x-truders. Used tanks, reactors.

See the Used De Dietrich 5000 gallon glass lined reactor, approx 19000 liter. Used. Internal: 100 PSI and full vacuum. Jacket 100 PSI. Item #28SL903

Used Hastelloy reactors for sale

Check out the Used Lee 1500 gallon hastelloy reactor while your there, (C-22 Hastelloy). Lightnin agitator drive, approx 125 RPM, 4 baffles. New in 2000. Reactor #38SL605

Used stainless steel reactors for sale

Also, on this category page is a used 2000 gallon Alloy Fabricators 316L stainless steel reactor for sale. Rated 75 psi and full vacuum at 450 f, 3" half pipe jacket rated 300 psi at 500 f. 72" diameter x 9'. 1991. #47SL300

Used Laboratory Equipment

Used laboratory mixing & chemical process equipment. Marumerizers, spheronizers, lab extruders and any other machines at times.

Used marumerizers for sale

Used Fuji Paudal marumerizer machine, 9" diameter bowl, rated up to 30 kg/hr (66 lbs/hr). Model: QJ-230. Item  #30SL420.

Used spheronizers for sale

Aeromatic Nica, Elanco, Caleva. See the used Aeromatic Nica Spheronizer, stainless steel spheronizer for sale. It has a 2-1 kg, 12.5 x 5.5" deep, side flush valve, 230 volt variable speed, #spheronizer1

X-Truders for sale

X-Truders for sale: Fuji Paudal Nica and must see the used 300-1000 kg/hr Luwa Fuji Paudal x truder (haha), 10 hp 230/460 volt motor thru 29:1 gear box, with feed hopper. Item Number: xtruder 1

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