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Used Nica 5-2 kg concentric twin x truder

Used Nica 5-2kg concentric twin x truder, counter rotating

Used Nica 5-2kg, throughput 2 concentric counter rotating rotors, twin x truder, inner feeder rotor 20-160 RPM, outer impeller, 20-140 RPM, enclosure and controls,  model E140 Item Number:  xtruder3

Nica xtruder, .5 - 2 kg/hr throughput

Nica xtruder, .5 - 2 kg/hr throughput
model E140
Rotors: 2 concentric counter rotating rotors
   inner feeder rotor: 20-160 RPM variable speed
   outer impeller rotor: 20-140 RPM variable speed  
portable base
stainless steel enclosure and controls,  
Item Number: xtruder3

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